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Annual Reports & Financial Information

Financial Information PAF is very proud of our commitment and long standing history of helping patients deal with medical crisis. When tackling our mission and organizational goals, we have been aided by many generous organizations and individuals who provide financial and partnering support for our organization.

It is our pleasure to share our Annual Reports and current Impact Report, as these documents in particular provide an opportunity to share highlights of the year’s financial, operational and mission delivery performance. We believe every reader will be able to easily see our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our organization.

PAF’s Form 990s and Audited Financial Statements show the specifics of our diligence with the funds entrusted in our care.

Current PAF Financial and Program Impact Reports

Archived Annual Impact Reports

Archived Audited Financial Statements

Archived Form 990's

Patient Advocate Foundation's Forms 990 for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002 are available for public inspection upon request.
To request a copy, please send contact information, including name and mailing address to
A copy of the return(s) will be mailed to the address supplied within 48 hours.