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Patient Data Analysis

The Patient Data Analysis Report (PDAR), an annual publication produced by Patient Advocate Foundation, is a comprehensive analysis of the thousands of patients who were provided professional services by Patient Advocate Foundation in each calendar year.

The report provides a detailed overview of the difficulties that many patients encounter when accessing healthcare in America, and documents a wealth of patient data including patient demographic information, disease-specific issues, employment, insurance – specific and personal finance issues, as well as case management interactions and issue resolution.

If you wish to have the PDF copy of the latest version emailed directly to you, please fill out the request form.

2015 PDAR

2014 PDAR

2013 PDAR Chapters 1-8
Full Analysis by State (CD)

All data and analysis referenced within each annual PDAR report is owned, compiled and produced by Patient Advocate Foundation and should be cited as such when referenced in any manner.

For media inquiries or questions related to this publication please fill out our information request form to connect with a member of our media team.