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Patient Services - Programs & Divisions

Patient Services

Since inception in 1996, our staff has diligently worked to continually improve services available to patients as they tackle the challenges associated with a chronic, life threatening or debilitating diagnosis. It is through these efforts that our programs continue to grow allowing us to serve patients in need, as well as their caregivers and providers who stand by their side in their healthcare journey. Patient Advocate Foundation offers confidential, individualized patient support by telephone and email.

Our patient services are focused in these core areas of assistance:

Case Management
Free one-on-one assistance from a professional case manager helping patients, caregivers or providers resolve healthcare access and financial issues. Case Managers are available to assist patients who have a diagnosis of a chronic, debilitating and/or life threatening disease.

Specialized Programs
Grants and partnerships make it possible for PAF to offer case management programming for patients, and their families and caregivers, who are suffering from certain illnesses and are experiencing issues that impact their ability to access care and maintain their financial stability.

MedCareLine Specialty Case Management Programs
The MedCareLine is a division of Patient Advocate Foundation staffed with a team of nurses and case managers who provide individualized case management services to patients and their caregivers. The team assists with insurance education and navigation including understanding insurance plan language, appeals process, second opinion options and clinical trials coverage. The Case Managers also assist patients who are experiencing financial challenges that are impacting their ability to pay for care and basic cost of living expenses like housing, utilities, food and transportation, researching and linking them to available financial support programs that may meet some of these needs. Uninsured patients are also supported by the program with education and direct support in accessing public programs and charity care that will allow access to necessary care.

Financial Aid Fund Division
The Financial Aid division of Patient Advocate Foundation offers a compliment of small grant programs, all designed to provide financial support to qualified patients for basic living expenses including transportation, housing, utilities and food. Grants are provided on first-come first served basis and are distributed until funds are depleted. Eligibility criteria and the application process for each fund may vary

Co-Pay Relief
Operating as an independent division within PAF, the Co-Pay Relief program provides financial assistance to qualified patients for co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles required by a patient’s insurer for pharmaceutical treatments and/or prescription medications prescribed to treat and/or manage the patient’s disease.

Partnership Programs
PAF works in conjunction with many nonprofit and corporate partners, including but not limited to, American Cancer Society, LiveStrong Foundation, Susan G. Komen, ZERO- the End of Prostate Cancer and Cancer Treatment Centers of America to meet the needs of patients across the United States.

Outreach & Support Programs
PAF performs community-based educational and outreach programs geared towards increasing access to quality healthcare for underserved populations. PAF also works to educate patients about resources focused on disease prevention and screening. Contact us to see when we will be in your area next.

If you are interested in supporting a PAF patient support program, please reach out to our Development team at 757-952-1372 to discuss in more detail.