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Breakaway from Cancer® and the Amgen Tour of California Event

Breakaway From CancerThe largest cycling event in America, the Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race that challenges the world's top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding course.

Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer aims to raise awareness of the comprehensive array of resources available to cancer patients - from prevention to education and support to financial assistance and survivorship. Breakaway from Cancer® will be supporting the riders and honoring local cancer survivors from tour communities throughout the race. Join Breakaway from Cancer at every stage for exciting activities and help us celebrate the most inspirational cancer survivors across California.

Cancer Patient Resources

Breakaway from Cancer® is a national initiative to increase awareness of the important resources available to people affected by cancer from prevention to education and support to financial assistance and survivorship. Search Breakaway from Cancer's comprehensive resource tool for cancer patients.

Breakaway Miles

Celebrating cancer survivors everywhere, the Breakaway Miles take place at select stages during the Amgen Tour of California before the professional riders roll across the finish line. It's a special one-mile walk to honor the millions of cancer survivors worldwide.

Breakaway from Cancer® is a collaboration between Amgen and four non-profit organizations that span the continuum of cancer care. The Breakaway from Cancer initiative supports the important programs, services and tools offered by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Cancer Support Community, Patient Advocate Foundation and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. PAF is proud to participate and support these Breakaway from Cancer events.

Breakaway from Cancer "Crossroads" PSA featuring Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey is raising awareness of the wide range of resources available to help people fight cancer through Breakaway from Cancer. Dempsey talks about the challenges of choosing the right path and making the right choices -- and urges people to take advantage of the free resources available via

Breakaway from Cancer represents a collaboration between Amgen and four nonprofit partner organizations to connect individuals with support services ranging from cancer prevention, assistance during treatment, and embracing survivorship. The Breakaway from Cancer website provides a one-stop shop of essential resources, including a navigator tool to help maneuver through the complicated maze of online information that currently exists. The tool conducts a targeted search based on user-entered criteria from more than 100 hand-selected credible cancer websites to offer patients the information they need.

"Wherever you may be in your cancer journey, Breakaway from Canceris here to help you find your way," Dempsey explains. "Whether you're newly diagnosed or have finished your treatment, has resources you can use "all in one place."


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Ryan Seacrest Breakaway from Cancer PSA

"Striking the Balance" Podcast Series

Nancy Davenport-Ennis, Founder and CEO of Patient Advocate Foundation, along with Bo Aldige from Prevent Cancer Foundation, Kim Thiboldeaux from Cancer Support Community, Thomas Sellers from NCCS, and Patrick Dempsey (Dempsey Challenge) participated in the "Striking the Balance". podcast series to inspire action and change across the cancer continuum. View the video transcript of the entire 4 part series here:

Striking the Balance Part One: Introduction
Striking the Balance Part Two: Cancer Prevention and Screening
Striking the Balance Part Three: Delivery of and Access to Quality Cancer Care
Striking the Balance Part Four: Support and Psychosocial Services