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PAF Publications

PAF has produced numerous publications and informational brochures to aid clarity and provide valuable information to patients. These publications are devoted to individual health related topics and target the most commonly misunderstood areas of the medical world.

All viewers are welcome to view or save the PDF versions, or request a printed hard copy mailed directly to you via our web-form.

Publications - About PAF and PAF Programs

Patient Advocate Foundation Corporate Brochure
Patient Data Analysis Report
PAF Annual Report
Co-Pay Relief Program Brochure
Greater Understanding: Discovering Your Role as a Volunteer

Publications - Financial Assistance & Debt Crisis

Greater Understanding: Financial Assistance & Debt Crisis
Understanding How SSI and SSDI Can Help Patients
Guide to Health Savings Account

Publications - Job Related & Disability

Greater Understanding: ERISA - What is it & How does it effect you
Your Guide to the Disability Process
First My Illness: Now Job Discrimination

Publications - Insurance Related & Medical Care

Coverage Access Guide – Finding & Selecting Insurance
Coverage Access Guide – Making the Most of Your Insurance 365 Days a year
Coverage Access Guide - Common Roadblocks to Care
Coverage Access Guide – Maintaining Eligibility for Insurance
Metastatic Breast Cancer Guide
Metastatic Breast Cancer Guide With Clinical Trials Companion Guide
Lighting the Way... A Practical Guide to Clinical Trials
Greater Understanding: Clinical Trials
A User's Guide to Health Insurance Marketplaces
National Underinsured Resource Directory
National Uninsured Resource Directory
A Clear View to Medicare - Making the Most of Your Benefits
Greater Understanding: Help! I'm Uninsured
Greater Understanding: Help! I'm Underinsured
Greater Understanding: Back to Basics: How to Discuss the Cost of Health Care Treatments With Your Provider
Greater Understanding: Back to Basics: A Primer of Questions for Providers to Ask When Discussing Health Care Treatment Costs With Patients
Greater Understanding: Interpreting Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
Greater Understanding: Health Insurance for Young Adults: Why you need it and how to keep it.
A New Approach: Simple Dialogue Between Patient and Provider
Your Guide to the Appeals Process
Too Young To Be Ill... A Practical Survival Guide for Caregivers of Children and Young Adults
Greater Understanding: Second Opinions: Know Your Rights and Options
Managed Care Answer Guide
Greater Understanding: Usual, Customary & Reasonable Charges

Publications - Outreach & Special Programs

How to be an Advocate
A Health Guide for the Hispanic/Latin Community
Promoting a Healthier African American Community
American Indian Alaska Native Outreach Program

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